Zingers From Many Sources

101. Thus we have seen Him, cried the prophet, and we have not recognized Him.
102. He gives Paradise, in return for a cup of cold water given by one poor man to another.
103. Like a weapon dangerous to wield, a two edged sword wounds the man who does not know
        how to use it.
104. The devil is wide awake, on the look out for his anticipated prey.
105. A day comes when the soul senses danger. The Guardian Angel has something to say.
        Conscience has registered a protest.
106. A person without a mental prayer is not good for anything. It is merely the life of an animal.
       (St. Teresa)
107. If you do not practice mental prayer, you don't need the devil to throw you into hell, you throw
        yourself in there of your own accord. (St.Teresa)
108. The greatest of all sinners, if he practices mental prayer for only 15 minutes a day will be
        converted. If he perseveres in it, his eternal salvation is assured. (St. Teresa)
109. A medicine can be turned into a poison.
110. If the door of the heart is only slightly ajar, Jesus cannot get in.

111. Fear Jesus just passing by, and not returning.
112. The sensual man perceives not, the things that are of the Spirit of GOD.
113. The activity of GOD in the souls of the perfect is something quite different from His activity in
        the souls of beginners.
114. A Saint depends so completely on Christ for all things, that he seems no longer to live by
115. It is more difficult to live well, when one has care of souls, on account of the dangers from
        without. (St. Thomas Aquinas)
116. A serious examination of your conscience will reveal the weak points.
117. To foresee a danger is half the battle to avoid it.
118. We can do absolutely nothing without grace.
119. The sword of the Spirit is the word of GOD.
120. Outside of Christ, I am powerlessness itself. (St. Jerome)

121. O Jesus, in Thee alone dwells all my strength. (St. Gregory Nazianzen)
122. Love is strong as death. (CANT 8:6)
123. I have suffered the loss of all things and counted them but as dung that I may gain Christ.
       (PHIL 3:8)
124. I want to belong to thee alone.
125. When I am weak, then I am powerful. (2COR 12:10)
126. The mind and the will are strengthened by the interior life, because love is strengthened.
127. Only a burning and unchangeable love is capable of filling a whole life with sunlight.
128. What hours of sadness, gloom, and anxiety, awaits he who has not the conviction that he is
        loved by Christ.
129. The Sacrament of love must be the Sacrament of joy.
130. The life of prayer is the one big happiness on this earth.

131. If He did not have a human soul, then why did he say at Gethsemane, "My Soul is sorrowful
        even unto death?" (MT 26:38)
132. There was no human person on the cross.
133. The human race was tested and fell in one man, the representative man.
134. The Angelic race could not be tested in an individual Angel, for there is no Angelic race.
135. Whatever GOD has, He is.
136. GOD loves with infinite loving power, no loss possible, no increase conceivable.
137. GOD can do all things, but self contradiction is not a thing.
138. Like Pastor, like Parish.
139. When GOD desires a work to be wholly from His hand, He reduces all to impotence and
        nothingness, and then He acts.
140. Nothing wounds GOD so much as pride.

141. When GOD sees a lack of selflessness which His glory demands from a creature, He
        sometimes allows secondary causes to go to work, and the building soon comes crashing
142. Let storms come if they will. The secondary cause which produced them is of no importance.
143. The heart of an interior soul, stands in the middle of humiliations and sufferings, like a rock in
        the midst of the sea. (Cure' of Ars)
144. My GOD, here I am before You, poor, little, stripped of everything.
145. Here I am at Your feet, sunk in the depths of my own nothingness.
146. I wish I had something to offer You, but I am nothing but wretchedness.
147. You are my owner, I am Your property. (144-147, General de Sonis)
148. A tireless bee sets about joyfully building up new honeycombs in his plundered hive.
149. If spiritual starvation is to be relieved, it must be largely the work of the laity, who are in daily
        contact with starvation victims.
150. A spirit has no shape, has no size, has no color, has no weight, and does not occupy space. It
        is the best definition of nothing I have ever heard. Frank Sheed

151. The direct power the human mind has over its own body, mightier spirits have over all matter.
152. Space is what matter spreads its parts in. (F.J. Sheed)
153. Either there is a teacher now teaching upon earth, guaranteed by Christ, as the Apostles were,
        or there is no possibility of knowing the truth which He saw to be so essential.
154. A teaching given by the great mass of Bishops of the world, is certainly true.
155. Only two Popes in the last four hundred years have been canonized.
156. The will of GOD is absolute.
157. The holiness of the Church is not the sum total of the holiness of its members.
158. For the Church, there is no growth in holiness and no diminishing.
159. The wetness of rain is not measured by the wetness of those who venture out in it.
160. The Church is holy because it is Christ living on in the world.

161. The holiness of the Church is the cause of holiness in its members.
162. Every act of Our Lord, whether in the divine nature or the human, was the act of the person
        that He was.
163. It is the function, the duty, of a person to utter his nature.
164. The supreme truth about the Savior, for which the chosen people were wholly unprepared,
        was that He was GOD.
165. For the intellect, the knowing power, imagination is a necessary servant.
166. The imagination can be a good thing. It is the picture power, by which we can mentally
        reproduce sights seen, sounds heard, textures touched, tastes.
167. Too often, the imagination is a master, substituting its pictures for the hard effort the intellect
        should be making.
168. All spiritual beings need GOD.
169. Deprived of GOD, a spirit knows torment and cannot die.
170. Deprived of air, food, and drink, the body knows torment and dies.

171. Conscience is the practical moral judgment of the intellect.
172. Our Maker told us what He made us for, to come to the fullest development of our own
        powers in total union with Him.
173. When the world ends, all human souls, saved, or lost, will be reunited with their bodies.
174. The souls in Heaven see the divine essence with an intuitive face-to-face vision.
        (Pope Benedict XII)
175. The world will end when some goal has been attained by the human race. FS
176. Death is the separation of the soul from the body.
177. Love is a decision and not a feeling.
178. Humans only, link the spiritual and material worlds.
179. The fish, ICTHOS in Greek, was used as a symbol of early Christianity. ICTHOS is the
        capital letters of 'Jesus Christ, Son of GOD'.
180. The Bible is the product of the Church, not vice-versa.

181. The Church existed for many years before the Bible.
182. Protestant Bibles have seven fewer books than Catholic Bibles.
183. The devil was created as an Angel.
184. Time is a measure of change.
185. The Lord chastises those whom He loves.
186. The more the Lord loves prayerful people, and the higher He wishes to raise them, the greater
        the hardships they must endure.
187. You will not reach lofty, infused prayer, without suffering much and well.
188. If you suffer great trials, you will enjoy great favors too. (St. Teresa)
189. Love is the measure of our ability to bear crosses. (St. Teresa)
190. Saints have the knack for penetrating into the depths of Scripture that are denied to the mere

191. The Saints grasp the revealed message because they are filled with the same Holy Spirit that
        gives both the message and its meaning.
192. We must die with Him if we are to rise with Him.
193. Christian communion is entirely a love matter wrapped up with the Cross.
194. Live quietly and mind your own business. (St Paul)
195. If in conversation, no effort is made to make it a fruitful one, it should be brought to a quick
        conclusion. (St. Teresa)
196. It is very important that those who visit us, leave with some benefit, and not having wasted
        time, and that we benefit too. (St. Teresa)
197. If visitors are not the kind who find their satisfaction in speaking about the things of GOD, they
        should be seen seldom, and the visit kept short.
198. I often reflect, my Lord, that if there is something in life by which I can endure being separated
        from You, it is solitude. (St. Teresa)
199. A person can't understand the indwelling mystery and fully realize Who is present within, until
        he closes his eyes to the vanities of this world.
200. Were St. Teresa with us in this century, she would no doubt specify a drastic reduction in our
        exposure to the mass media, especially TV, radio, and film.

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