The Bible Is a Scientific Wonder...

Many principles of modern science were recorded in the Bible long before scientists discovered them. Some examples are...

Gen 15:5, stars are innumerable.
Gen 7:11,8:2, fountains and springs exist under the sea.
Lev 15:13, a flow of water becomes cleansing. This was not found until the 19th century by Pasteur  in his discovery of bacteria.
Lev 17:11, the critical importance of blood in the life process. It was not found until the 1900s, by  Joseph Lister (1827-1912), that the immune system is in the blood. Prior to this, doctors bled people to rid them of  poisons.
Job 26:7, the earth hung upon nothing, the gravitational field.

Psa 8:9, water paths (ocean currents) exist in the sea.
Psa 102:25-27, the law of increasing entropy, life and death cycle.
Psa 104:6-8, under water mountains exist.
Psa 104:25, the vastness of the ocean.
Psa 104:25, creatures in the ocean are without number.

Prov 6:6-8, the ant harvests its food. This was not discovered until 1871 by a British naturalist.
Prov 17:22, a joyful mind makes age flourishing. It was not discovered until recently that happy  people live longer.
Eccl 1:6, the circulation of the atmosphere.
Eccl 1:7, the hydrologic cycle.
Isa 40:22, the earth is round and a globe. This was not 'proven' by man until more than 2000 years  after Isaiah wrote it, by Christopher Columbus, as the most popular story goes. Eratosthenes with  his famous 'well' experiment in  the third century BC, did make a close calculation of the  circumference of the earth, indicating that  it was round. However, man for centuries afterward still  believed it to be flat.

Isa 42:5,45:12, the expanding universe, GOD stretched out the heavens.
Isa 55:9, the infinite size of the universe.
Jer 33:22, the infinite number of stars.
Lk 17:30-34, night and day at the same time on the earth. People thought the earth to be flat then. It  was either all day, or all night for all earthly dwellers.
2Pet 3:7, the law of the conservation of mass and energy.
1Tim 5:23, wine is good for what ails you. FLASH ! This is a scientific 'breakthrough' announced by our scientists in February 1998.