The Woman, and her indispensable
 role in the Bible.

The most perfect human person ever created was a woman...

Genesis 2:21-24, Eve, the first woman. Without Eve, there would be no human race, and you would not be reading this now. Since Eve was the first to sin against GOD (1Tim 2:14) in Gen 3:6, she is the first cause of sin and death in the world. It took the serpent to trick the woman, but, however, it took only a woman to trick the man.
Genesis 3:15, Mary is mentioned for the first time. She is the "woman" of the first book of the Bible, and the "woman" of the last book of the Bible in Revelation 12:1. Without Mary, there would be no Jesus Christ, and thus no salvation for us.
Genesis 17:16, Sarah is given the title, "Mother of All Nations", by GOD. Without her, there would be no Isaac, no Jacob, no David, no Solomon, and no Jesus Christ..
Genesis 25:19-26, Rebecca gave birth to Jacob and Esau. Without her, there would be no founding of the two nations of which the Lord told her in verse 23. One of those nations was Israel.
Genesis 29:11, Rachel is kissed by Jacob. It is the only verse in the Bible where a man kissed a woman. Were it not for Rachel, Joseph would have not been born, Gen 30:24. Had not Joseph been born, the Israelites might have starved during the seven year drought, Gen 43:1-1.
Ruth 1-4, Without Ruth, who was the ancestress of David and of Christ, biblical history would have been changed drastically. Again, there would be no salvation for us, save for a woman. And do not forget the beautiful words spoken by her in Ruth 1:16, which are repeated at many weddings, "For wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge, I will lodge, your people shall be my people, and your GOD, my GOD".
2Sam 12:24, Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon. Owing to her, we have the Queen Mother a prefigurement of Mary, the wisdom of Solomon, the beautiful Book of Psalms, the Songs of Solomon, and of course this important era of the ancestry of Jesus Christ.
Judith 13:10, The state of Israel was saved by this woman who had slain the general of the Assyrian army, Holofernes, thus causing the entire enemy army to flee in terror from a battle they would probably have won. She was honored as a "Defender of Israel", another prefigurement of Mary.
Esther 1-16, Esther, the heroine Jewish Queen of King Xerxes of Persia, saved her subjects from annihilation, from a plot perpetrated by Haman the Agagite.
Luke 1:26-38, Mary gave her unconditional consent to become the Mother of GOD. Had she refused, there would be no Savior.
Luke 1:24-80, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Without Elizabeth, the coming of Christ would not have been prepared by John. Also the beautiful canticle, the Magnificat, sung by Mary in Luke 1:46-55 would not have been realized.
Luke 2:6-7, A creature, a creation of GOD, a woman named Mary, became the "Mother of GOD". What a tremendous honor given to women. If you will note, there is no complementary creature known as the "Father of GOD".
John 20:14-18, Mary Magdalene, went from a lowly prostitute to a magnificent Saint. She was the first person to see the risen Christ. She was the first one to arrive at the tomb on Easter morning in John 20:1. She was one of the three women standing at the foot of the cross in John 19:25.
Some interesting footnotes:

1. Satan deigned Eve a more important target than Adam.

2. God stated that it was going to be through the seed of a woman that satan would be defeated.

3. The plan of redemption, as laid out by God, needed the cooperation of a woman, not of a man, but of a woman. We must remember, Jesus was not "just a man", for His substance was Divine. Mary, on the other hand, although "Immaculately Conceived", was human, for Her substance was not Divine.

4. Jesus appeared first after His resurrection to a woman, not to a man, but to a woman, a repentant sinner at that!

5. Mary is the most perfect creature that has ever existed or will ever exist.

6. Remember, there were only four people standing at the foot of the cross, John and three women. The other men, Christ's disciples, had fled in fear of persecution. It was a woman, Mary, who accompanied her Son from the womb to the tomb.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, however, who came to liberate mankind, in which both males and females are destined to salvation, was not averse to males, for He took the form of a male, nor to females, for of a female He was born. Besides, there is a great mystery here: that just as death comes to us through a woman, Life is born to us through a woman; that the devil, defeated, would be tormented by each nature, feminine and masculine, since he had taken delight in the defection of both."
Saint Augustine, Christian Combat (22,24) 396 A.D. (Jurgens-1578)

Compiled by Bob Stanley, April 1, 1998
Updated September 20, 2001

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