Why Don't They Believe Me?

Of all of the founders of the earths various religions, only one came pre-announced.
I sent My prophets ahead of Me, to tell My children in advance, to forewarn them, of what I would do, and of what they would do in return, during the time in which I would walk in their midst.
They responded by killing My prophets.

Isa 6:9-10, "And He said: Go and thou shalt say to this people; Hearing, hear, and understand not; and see the visions, and know it not. Blind the heart of this people, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes, lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted and I heal them."

I have told them over and over again, repeating Myself, and yet they still do not believe what I say. Do you know why I insisted that the three 'synoptic' Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, be included in My Holy Word, the Bible? After all, the messages of all three have similarities, but with each focusing on its own individual audience. Why wouldn't only one suffice?
It is because I knew they would not believe Me unless I pressed home My message as I did in these three books.
In Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, and Luke 22:19, I said, "THIS IS MY BODY."
Yet some, twist My words and insist I did not say that. They add to My Holy Word, by saying that I said, 'this represents My body', or, 'this is only a symbol of My body.
Yet they cannot find those words in My Holy Bible. They do not believe Me.

After those three books were written, and since they still refused to believe Me, I commissioned My Apostle John to write a fourth Gospel, the Book of John. I told him to write it in a different way from the other three and to write a chapter to convince them of what I had meant when I said "THIS IS MY BODY." My faithful servant did as I commanded him, and wrote of the promise of the Holy Eucharist in John Chapter Six. John emphasized nine times what I had said, and in the end, many still refused to believe it saying, "This is a hard saying. Who can listen to it?" Then many turned away from Me and refused to walk with me. Did I call them back and say, "Hey, I was only kidding?" No, I let them go, and in verse 68, I was willing to let My faithful followers go, if even they too refused to believe Me. I figured that if they still didn't believe Me after witnessing all that I had done, then what was the use of pleading with them. Many, to this day, still do not believe Me, even after having read, "THIS IS MY BODY", in all four Gospels. I even commanded My servant Paul to write about it in a fifth book, 1Corinthians 11:24-30, and rather forcefully at that, but to no avail. They do not believe My servant Paul either. What am I to do to convince them?

In Genesis 17:4-5, I renamed My faithful servant Abram, to Abraham, and gave him the title of the 'Father of a Multitude of Nations'. You see, when I gave someone authority, I changed his name at the same time. This was a sign that I gave to them, that they do indeed have the authority for which I gave them. I did the same thing in Genesis 17:15-16, when I renamed Sarai to Sarah, and gave to her the authority of becoming the Mother of Nations.
I did it again in Matthew 16:18, when I renamed Simon to Peter. He received the authority directly from Me to be the 'Rock' upon which I will build My Church, and I gave him supremacy
over the other Apostles by that name change.
But there are still those who refuse to believe what I had said. They say My beloved Peter does NOT have the authority, and yet they cannot tell Me why they say this, or who does if it is not Peter.

I knew when I asked my Apostles to write the New Testament, that in order to include everything possible that I did, the books would become too cumbersome to carry. So I asked My servant John to include a mention of this in his Gospel. He did this in John 21:25. I saw immediately that some would think the Holy Scriptures would contain everything needed by My children, which it could not. I asked My faithful Paul to include a verse in his Epistle, 2Thessalonians 2:15, which said, "So then, brethren, stand firm, and HOLD THE TRADITIONS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, WHETHER BY WORD OR BY LETTER OF OURS." Since the book could not hold everything, I asked that the oral teachings or TRADITIONS, be perpetuated as well.
But, alas, there are still some of those who simply do not believe Me. In fact, they say just the opposite of what I commanded. They say, 'do NOT keep the traditions'.
I told them who had the final authority on earth to speak in My behalf. It is My Holy Church, as My dear servant Matthew wrote in verses 18:15-18. However some refuse to believe Me, and insist it is the Bible, for which I did not give the final authority. I also had My dear Apostle Paul tell you in 1Timothy 3:15, that it is My Church which is the pillar and the foundation of truth . Yet many of you ignore My words in this verse and insist that it is the Bible and not My Church.

I made so many promises to My dear children that I would watch over and protect My Holy Church forever. Just read the words of dear Matthew in 28:20, where I promised I would be with My Church every day in every century until the end of time, and with not a single days gap. Yet many say My Holy Church apostatized soon after My last dear Apostle, John, came home to Me, and I left My Holy Church, only to return to the reformers over 1000 years later. I even told them that My Spirit would dwell with them forever, as My dear John wrote in his Gospel 14:16. My hard-headed, stubborn creatures, who have resisted my words since the days of Adam and Eve, still refuse to believe Me. Children, have you not read in Acts 5:29, "We must obey GOD rather than men"?
I emptied myself and came down from Heaven as a humble servant to My people. They didn't believe what I had said was true. In fact, they believed just the opposite. They called Me names such as blasphemer, and liar, and impostor. They stripped Me of My only possessions, My clothing. Then they nailed Me in agonizing pain on a wooden cross, where I expired.
I thought that after conquering death in My spectacular resurrection, then all of my children would surely believe Me. But, alas, even My rising from the dead did not convince so many, as I had predicted in My dear servant Luke's Gospel 16:31.
How then am I to convince them that I did not only speak the truth, but I AM the truth, as My faithful servant John recorded in his Gospel 14:6?
How will I ever convince them to believe Me?

"He who does not believe the Son, makes Him a liar;" 1John 5:10

Written by Bob Stanley, January 16, 1998
Updated January 10, 2003
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