What is Truth?
John 18:38

Truth, what is it?

The definition of 'truth' is 'opposite of error'. Truth means it is conformable to fact. It is correct. Truth in action, is when the human conscience agrees with the intellect. Truth is 'ONE'. There can be only one truth, Jn 17:17-23. Any variation in the one truth is not truth at all, but error.

Truth is a person. Jesus Christ said, "I am the way, the truth and the life", Jn 14:6. When GOD created each one of us, He wrote His law into our hearts... "When the Gentiles who have no law do by nature what the Law prescribes, these having no law are a law unto themselves. They show the work of the LAW WRITTEN IN THEIR HEARTS. THEIR CONSCIENCE BEARS WITNESS TO THEM, EVEN WHEN CONFLICTING THOUGHTS ACCUSE OR DEFEND THEM",
Rom 2:14-15. See also Heb 8:10 and Heb 10:16.

It is our conscience that examines these laws. The 'free will' we were given when we were created makes a decision based on what conscience is telling it, and what the intellect is saying. 'Free will' gives us the ability to make the right or the wrong decision in GOD's eyes. GOD made the laws, and over and over again, He has urged us to do right, and warned us against doing wrong. If we did not have free will, there would be no need for urging or warnings. GOD could simply command us to do His will and we would be helpless to resist. By using free will, we decide which course of action will be taken for each individual incident we face in life. By using free will, each decides for himself where he will spend eternity.

GOD sends no one to hell. We send ourselves through the decisions we make in this life. In addition to GOD's laws written in our hearts, GOD also built in a hunger for Him and an innate desire to seek Him out. Since GOD is 'truth', that innate desire is to seek the 'truth' in all things. When we have sought the truth and have found it, then we have found GOD.

That leads into the purpose of this file. In order to find the truth, we have to test for it. We have an obligation to question if we are in the process of entering the wide gate to perdition, or the narrow gate to salvation. "Enter by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who enter that way. How narrow the gate and close the way that leads to life! AND FEW THERE ARE WHO FIND IT", Matt 7:13-14. Clearly, these two verses say that the majority of us are on the broad way to destruction. Don't you want to be on the narrow way to heaven?

In order to insure you are on the right path you have to work at it. You are obliged to look at all the options, examine them with the intellect, and seek an agreement with the conscience. Satan is very clever at disguising himself and at deceiving us into believing what appears as truth, is in fact error. See Isa 5:20, "Woe to you that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness." He is the one who is responsible for so many who are traveling down the broad way. He is constantly telling you that you are on the narrow way, when in fact, he really has situated you on the wide way, the super highway to his domain.

We must not just lie down and accept what we have as being the truth without testing for it on a continual basis. If you just lay back and refuse to test for it, the chances are you are on the wide way as Matt 7:13-14 is trying to tell you.

So how do you test for the truth? I have already given you the answer in the first paragraph. You have to look for error, and you have to see if the truth is conformable to fact. Here are some guidelines. Consult your conscience as you follow these pointers...

This is a very serious letter, one that all should heed if they are truly serious about their salvation. After all, you are playing Russian Roulette with your immortal souls. All of us will spend eternity either in heaven, or in hell. We make that choice ourselves with our own free will. We only have this one life in which to make that choice. Who knows when that life will end? It might be in the next minute or two. There is no second chance. The time is NOW!

Have you ever thought about eternity as compared to the life in this world? This lifetime is insignificant, a mere blink of an eye, compared to the eons of the tortures of hell, or of the unimaginable joys of heaven. "Eye has not seen or ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what things GOD has prepared for those who love Him." 1Cor 2:9...

Updated September 26, 2002

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