Where is the tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
the Mother of GOD?

The tombs of all of the Apostles, except for the traitor Judas, have been found and documented over the centuries.
And yet not a trace of the Blessed Virgin Mary's remains have ever been found. Have you ever wondered about why this is?
The Bible is silent regarding this subject for the most part, but it does give us a clue in Revelation 11:19 to 12:1-2.
The Catholic Church teaches that after she died she was assumed body and soul into Heaven and that is why no tomb or remains of her were ever found. 

However science, an unlikely source for a definitive answer as to why her remains were never found,
has recently provided us with an intriguing possible answer.
It even supports the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The scientific finding:
It has been known for several years that over time, some wives begin to have a slight resemblance to their husbands.
However, husbands did not seem to gain a resemblance to the wives. Why was this?

The answer was found in the time of pregnancy of the mother. It was known that substances are passed between the baby in the womb and the mother.
In this transfer, since the baby possesses DNA from both parents, the mother receives DNA from the father and of course the father cannot
receive DNA from the mother. Simple isn't it if you give it some thought?

Yes, but what does this all mean regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary?
Well the answer to that question poses more questions than there are answers for.
They involve:
  How was she impregnated with the baby Jesus?
God only knows and He has not told us.
It must have been accomplished by His Word.

I do have a few final thoughts.
Since there was no human father, then there was no human male DNA.
God is a spirit and a spirit has no parts, thus no natural DNA.
Something may have passed from the baby Jesus to His mother and she certainly supplied Him with the substance of His entire body. 
Could the baby Jesus have passed on something to His mother that simply could not be left on earth?

Thus, no tomb with the remains of the Blessed Virgin Mary have ever been found on earth for the last almost 2000 years.

As Martin Luther once remarked, "When you call her the Mother of God, you have said it all".

Written by Bob Stanley, May 25, 2014

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