Is The Way In Which GOD Works...

The ways of GOD are sudden and without warning. A miracle happens.
A vision or a locution is bestowed upon someone. A loved one is taken.
GOD does not normally give prior notice of what he is about to do.

One noticeable exception to this general rule was the great 'Miracle of the Sun' at Fatima on October 13, 1917.
It was revealed ahead of time by GOD through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Some people live their entire lives without serving GOD in any way and seem to think
that on their death bed they will repent and make their peace with Him.
We must all be prepared to go at anytime. Look what happened to Princess Diana,
Princess Grace, John F. Kennedy, and many others who were taken without warning.
Were they all prepared and in GOD'S grace and ready to go?

If we are going on a trip in this life, do we not prepare for it a long time in advance?
Why then do so many not prepare for their final eternal trip, the only trip that really matters?

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