The Catholic Church Stands Alone!

For centuries in the Christian world, all were united in one faith, the Catholic Church. Then came along the "reformation" and splits in the Body of Christ. With it came many changes in teaching by the various Christian sects. Some of these teachings, especially in the 20th century, seem to be poll driven, just like our very own civil government. Their "teachings" are based on public opinion, not on truth. The "teaching" of the day among some of these non-Catholic sects seems to be based on the "let us oil the squeaking wheel" policy. I must remind you that private opinions do not change the truth one iota.
However, the "Pillar and Foundation of Truth", the Catholic Church (1Tim 3:15), is unmoving in this respect. She and she alone stands up against the world in teaching the truth, as commanded by Jesus Christ Himself. In so doing, she comes under great criticism by many who have found worldly things to be their real god. How then, can the "Pillar of Truth" teach nothing but the truth?
"Have I then become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Galatians 4:16

Some prime examples...

1. The Catholic Church alone upholds the canon of Holy Scripture as consisting of 73 books. The canon of both testaments was finalized in three Catholic Church councils over 1000 years before Martin Luther was even born. These 73 books were in the first Bible containing a New Testament, the Latin Vulgate, by Saint Jerome. The Catholic Church uses all 73 of these books even to today.

The reformers removed seven of these books, reducing their number to 66. They completely ignored the many verses in the Bible warning against adding or removing from the Word of GOD. Deut 4:2, Deut 11:32,13:1, Psa 12:7,33:4,50:16-17,107:10-11,119:57,139-140, Prov 5:7,30:5-6, Jer 23:36,
Gal 1:8, 1Pet 1:24-25, 2Pet 3:15-16, and of course the verses we are all familiar with, Rev 22:18-20.
Scores of other verses regarding traditions handed down from generation to generation, and ignored by the reformers, can be added to this list also.

The Catholic Church stands alone in preserving the
Canon of both the Old and New Testaments as defined by Councils which were guided by the Holy Spirit.
Galatians 4:16...

2. Contraception is strictly against the teaching of Holy Scripture.
See what happened to Onan in Gen 38:9-10.
Christ cursed the fig tree because it bore no fruit in Matt 21:19, and Mark 11:13-14.
See also Gal 5:16-21 and Rev 9:21 and 21:8.
For the most part, all Christian religions were in agreement on this issue, then in the early 1930's, one Protestant sect broke from the ranks and declared that contraception was morally sound. Soon the other Protestant sects followed.

The Catholic Church stands alone in condemning contraception as being immoral. Please read 'Humanae Vitae' on this website under the 'Contraception' caption. This hauntingly prophetic and very beautifully written Encyclical released by Pope Paul VI in 1968, condemns contraception and gives dire warning of the consequences if this practice is allowed to continue. The consequences have come true just as the Pope said they would in 1968. See paragraph 17 of this document.
Galatians 4:16

3. The homosexual act is condemned in so many places in the Bible.
Please read Lev 18:22-30,20:13, Rom 1:23-32, and 1Cor 6:9-11.
The Catholic Church condemns the act but not the person. Now many Protestant Churches have broken ranks and have condoned the act itself by condoning "Holy Unions" between people of the same sex.

The Catholic Church stands mostly alone in fiercely condemning the act. In so doing, there has been much retaliation against the Church from various groups. Disney and their subsidiaries have released numerous anti-Catholic movies and TV shows. Many of these depict priests and nuns as being homosexual.

4. Abortion is rampant. One reason is that it is a result of wide spread use of contraceptives.
This grave sin against humanity has many Bible verses condemning it. Deut 30:19,32:39,
Psa 22:10-11, Isa 1:15-21, Jer 1:5,31:15, Matt 2:17-18, are but a few.

The Catholic Church in its very outspoken condemnation of abortion is practically standing alone on this issue. Read the Didache 2:2 elsewhere on this website as well as "Abortion, Legalized Murder".
Galatians 4:16

5. Divorce and remarriage is forbidden by Jesus Christ himself in Matt 5:31-32,19:3-10,
Mark 10:10-12, and Luke 16:18. See also Rom 7:1-3 and 1Cor 7:1-40. Many non-Catholic sects condone divorce and remarriage.

The Catholic Church stands alone in the condemnation of divorce and remarriage in cases where there was a valid marriage in the first place. See the file "Annulments", found elsewhere on this website.
Galatians 4:16

6. Ordination of women is anti-Biblical. There are many Bible verses contrary to this practice.
Christ chose no woman to be an Apostle. "For the law appoints as priests MEN who are weak..."
Heb 7:28.
There are several verses against women speaking in Church, 1Cor 14:34-35, and
1Tim 2:11-12. See also Judges 17:10 and 18:19.
Regardless of what Scripture says, there are many non-Catholic sects who are ordaining women as ministers. There is a female Methodist minister in the same town as my Church. In the Anglican Church, the Bishops voted for the ordination of women. This caused an outflow of Bishops and priests from that Church. On November 11, 1992, Episcopal Bishops voted to ordain women and that caused an outflow of priests from that Church also.

The Catholic Church stands alone in refusing the ordination of women. The Catholic Church has no authority to allow this. That authority has to come from GOD. As a result, the Catholic Church has been chastised by feminist groups all over the world.
Galatians 4:16

"Have I then become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

Written by Bob Stanley, April 23, 1999
Updated May 29, 2001

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