So, You Think You Know Your Religion?
Try To Answer These Questions?

Questions designed to make you think: 'N.T.' is New Testament, and 'O.T.' is Old Testament.

Some of the answers are found elsewhere on this website. Some are in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and some are just plain common sense. See how many you can answer...

After the last Apostle died where did the next 300 years teaching come from?
Are all seven Sacraments defined in the Bible?
Are 'Bishops' and 'Deacons' mentioned in the Bible?
Are the 'End Times' the end of the world? What does the Bible say?
Are there any occasions where GOD obeys His creatures?
Are there any references to Church government (Magisterium) in scripture?
Are there any references to the 'Deuterocanonicals' in the New Testament?
Are there any scientific revelations in the Bible?
Are there any verses in the N.T. referencing the O.T. but not found in it?
Are we bound by the 'opinion' of any theologian?

Are you 'saved' simply by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?
At what point in time does the 'GOD of Mercy' become the 'GOD of Justice'?
Bibles of our time are changing. Can you explain why?
Can a Catholic participate in a marriage ceremony or reception, between a Catholic and a non   Catholic which is performed in a protestant Church?
Can any human person get to heaven without being baptized?
Can GOD move?
Can the Catholic Church change dogma? Doctrine?
Can the existence of GOD be demonstrated by deduction?
Can the Holy Eucharist be given to non-Catholics? Why? (Bible verse please)
Can the 'Succession of Popes' be traced all the way back to St. Peter?

Can you define the 'foundation' of the Catholic Church?
Can you draw any N.T. parallels to Joseph of the O.T.?
Can you explain the horizontal, & the vertical, of the 2 great commandments?
Can you explain the relationships of Cephas, Kepha, Petros, and Petra?
Can you give a reason why Mary is not mentioned by Paul in his N.T. books?
Can you name a human (attribute) comparison to the 'Holy Trinity'?
Can you name the first known writing wherein the word 'Catholic' was used?
Can you really be saved by just accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?
Can you sum up the whole of the 'Law' (the ten commandments) into one word?
Define a 'Cult'?

Define a 'Parable'?
Define 'Calumny'?
Define 'Eschatology'?
Define 'Simony'?
Define 'Space'?
Define the word 'Spirit'?
Define the word 'Soul'?
Define 'Time'?
Did GOD create demons (satan)?
Did GOD ever command an idol to be made and used?

Did Jesus Christ baptize others Himself? If so, who?
Did Jesus Christ command that a New Testament be written?
Did Jesus Christ ever say He was GOD in the Gospels?
Did Jesus Christ ever write anything?
Did Jesus Christ have a divine intellect?
Did He have a human intellect?
Did Jesus Christ have a divine nature?
Did He have a human nature?
Did Jesus Christ have a divine will?
Did He have a human will?

Did Jesus Christ have a human soul?
Did Jesus Christ honor His mother?
Did Jesus Christ say anything about defending His Church?
Did Jesus Christ say there would be divisions in His Church?
Did Jesus Christ speak as GOD, or as man, or both, in the Gospels?
Did Jesus, the 'Incarnate Word', always exist?
Did the Apostles ever catch fish on their own without the help of Jesus?
Did the 'Ark of the Covenant' prefigure any particular person?
Did the Council of Trent (1546) add the Deuterocanonical books to our Bible?
Do Angels have a hierarchy?

Do Angels have parents?
Do Catholics 'worship' Mary?
Do dreams have any significance in the Bible?
Do we each have a 'Guardian Angel'?
Do we know who goes to Heaven, and who doesn't?
Does being 'Born Again' assure you of salvation?
Does Hell exist?
Does Holy Scripture give us an 'index' of books to be included in the Bible?
Does the Bible say anything about 'abortion'?
Does the Bible say anything about 'contraception'?

Does the Bible say it is difficult to read, and in need of interpretation?
Does the Bible say it is the sole teaching authority (Sola Scriptura)?
Does the Bible say that everything that Jesus said is recorded in it?
Does the Catholic Church belong to the 'World Council of Churches'?
Does the Son of GOD share in the divinity of the Father?
Explain Matt 26:26? What did Jesus say here?
Explain the meaning of Gen 3:15?
Explain the meaning of the word 'exegesis'?
From which Old Testament book were most quotes referenced in the New Testament?
Has Mary always left a verbal message in her approved apparitions?
Has the Church ever said any apparition was absolutely true?

Have any prophecies seemingly been fulfilled in this, the 20th century?
How can Christianity be shown to be true from Bible verses?
How can you recognize the 'One True Church'?
How can you reconcile the 'GOD of Mercy' with the 'GOD of Justice'?
How could Mary have not ever sinned?
How do we know that GOD created everything out of nothing? (2Macc 7:28)
How do you explain Mt 11:11 in regard to the Blessed Virgin Mary?
How do you know which books of the Bible are the Bible?
How do you test a teacher for false teachings?
How many books are there in Protestant Bibles?

How many bodies does Jesus Christ have?
How many books do Catholic Bibles have?
How many Churches did Jesus Christ found?
How many forms of 'Grace' are there? Can you name them?
How many splits in 'The body of Christ' are there approximately?
If we know the truth, must we follow it?
In His human nature, did Jesus Christ know everything?
Is a marriage by a Justice of the Peace accepted by the Church?
Is 'Assumption' of a person biblical?
Is Jesus Christ a divine person?

Is Jesus Christ a human person?
Is Jesus The Christ, a proper title of Our Lord?
Is it a sin to read protestant literature?
Is it a sin to shop on Sunday?
Is Mary the 'Mother of GOD'? Explain your answer.
Is new Church teaching authority, such as Immaculate Conception, scriptural?
Is priestly celibacy Biblical?
Is 'Purgatory' mentioned, or implied in the Bible?
Is salvation outside of the Catholic Church likely? Be very explicit.
Is the Bible the 'mother' of the Church?

Is the Catholic Church mentioned in the Bible? Verse(s) please.
Is the Church the 'mother' of the Bible or the 'daughter'?
Is the Gospel John, chapter 6, figurative or literal?
Is the Old Covenant still in effect?
Is the Papacy Scriptural?
Is the second Pope mentioned in Scripture by name?
Is the 'thread' of the O.T. to the N.T. explained in Scriptures?
Is the word 'Bible' mentioned in the Bible? Trinity?, Incarnation?, Pope?
Is there a connection between the story of 'Noah's Ark' and the Church?
Is there a list of inspired books in the Bible that shows which books are to be included in it?

Is there any evidence of the 'Holy Trinity' in the Bible?
Is there any Biblical evidence showing Peter was the leader of the Apostles?
Is there archaeological evidence of any Biblical events?
Is there such a thing as 'Baptism of Blood'? How about 'Baptism of Desire'?
Most of the N.T. was written in _____, and most of the O.T. in ______? (Language)
Name some of the 'Attributes of GOD'?
Name some of the 'Doctors of the Church'?
Name some of the 'Fathers of the Church'?
Name some 'Apostolic Fathers'?
Name some very significant events in the Bible which occurred on Sunday.

Name the only person in the entire Bible to be called 'Blessed among women'?
On what mountain did GOD give to Moses the ten commandments? Ex 19.
On what mountain did GOD give His name 'I AM' to Moses from the burning bush?
Show several verses where GOD said, "Do not add or delete from these words."
The Bible speaks of 'Jewish Priests'. Why are there only 'Rabbi's' today?
The number 666 is the number of ___ ____?
The seven trumpets of Rev 8-11 can be tied to which part of what other book?
The Universe came into being by accident, or by design. What does this mean?
To whom was each of the Gospels written?
Was Blessed Mary the mother of a divine person?

Was Mary the mother of a human person?
Was Mary the mother of a person with a divine nature? Of a human nature?
Was St. Paul a Hebrew?, Jew?, Greek? Roman?
Was the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ prophesied in the O.T.?
Was the celebration of the 'Body and Blood of Christ' foretold in the OT?
Was the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham a prefigurement for a N.T. happening?
Were angels tested individually or as a race? Humans tested, same question.
Were any of the prophecies of the O.T. fulfilled in the N.T.?
What are 'manuscripts', and why are they significant?
What are our three main purposes in this life?

What are the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'?
What are the four 'Marks of the Catholic Church'?
What are the 'senses' of Scripture?
What are the seven things the Lord hates and detests the most?
What are the 'Synoptics'?
What are the 'Twelve Articles of Faith'?
What Church is a child Baptized into when Baptized by a Protestant Minister?
What did Jesus mean when He called His mother 'woman' in Jn 2:4, & Jn 19:24?
What did Jesus mean when He said, 'you must be born again'? Jn 3:3
What did Paul do (to, or for, Christians) before his miraculous conversion?

What did the 'Council of Jamnia' accomplish? Whose Council was it?
What do 'Omnipresent', 'Omnipotent', and 'Omniscient' mean?
What do the letters I.N.R.I. stand for?
What does 'Anno-Domini' mean?
What does 'Apologetics' mean?
What does 'Apostolic Father of the Church' mean? Who were they?
What does 'C.E./B.C.E.' mean?
What does 'Do this in remembrance of Me' mean when translated properly from Greek?
What does 'Ex-Cathedra' mean?
What does faith come from? (Rom 10:17)

What does 'Infallibility' mean?
What does 'Let him be Anathema' mean?
What does 'Outside of Time and Space' mean?
What does 'Schism' mean?
What does 'Sola Fide' mean?
What does 'Sola Gratia' mean?
What does 'Sola Scriptura' mean?
What does 'St. Athanasius Creed' teach?
What does 'Sufficiency of Scripture' mean as used by Protestants?
What does the Bible say about 'individual interpretation' of scriptures?

What does the Church teach regarding 'contraception'?
What does the Church teach regarding homosexuality? What does the Bible say?
What does the Church teach about those who are not baptized, dying, & ignorant of GOD?
What does the Greek word 'Anamnesis' mean?
What does 'The Immaculate Conception' mean?
What does the word 'Sabbath' mean?
What groups of people did St. Paul preach to first? What groups were second?
What happened at Jamnia in the 1st century, that is significant even today?
What happens to those who refuse the teaching of the Church? Mt 10:11-15
What is a 'Church Council'? (not an individual church pastoral council)

What is a 'Codex'?
What is a 'Doctor of the Church'?
What is a 'False prophet'?
What is a 'Fundamentalist'?
What is a 'Heretic'? Heresy?
What is a 'Manuscript' when talking about historical writings?
What is a 'Relic'?
What is 'Apostasy'?
What is 'Bilocation'?
What is meant by the 'Dormition' of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

What is meant by the 'True Presence' in the 'Holy Eucharist'?
What is 'New Age'?
What is 'Private Revelation', and 'Public Revelation'?
What is significant about the 'Bereans'?
What is St. Jerome's most noted accomplishment?
What is the 'Barque of Peter'?
What is the 'Beatific Vision'?
What is the 'Church Militant', 'Church Suffering', 'Church Triumphant'?
What is the 'College of Cardinals'?
What is the 'Communion of Saints'?

What is the 'Didache'?
What is the difference between an 'atheist' and an 'agnostic'?
What is the difference between 'Deuterocanonical' and 'Apocryphal' books?
What is the difference between Church 'Dogma', and Church 'Doctrine?
What is the difference between the human 'soul' and the human 'spirit'?
What is the 'Ecole Initiative'?
What is the 'Golden Rule'?
What is the 'Holy Eucharist'?
What is the 'Hypostatic Union'?
What is the latest Cosmologists estimate of the amount of space all matter took up before the 'Big   Bang'? How does this relate to creation?

What is the 'Law of First Mention'?
What is the 'Magisterium'?
What is the main difference between the Catholic Church and other churches?
What is the 'Mark of the Beast'?
What is the meaning of 'Agape'? Give a meaning used in the early Church?
What is the meaning of 'Alter Christus'?
What is the meaning of 'Born Again' in John 3:3?
What is the meaning of 'Doublethink'?
What is the meaning of 'Final Impenitence'?
What is the meaning of 'In Persona Christi'?

What is the meaning of 'Invincible Ignorance'?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of Mt 28:20?
What is the meaning of 'The Immaculate Conception'?
What is the meaning of 'The Incarnation'?
What is the meaning of the word 'Brethren' as used in the time of the Bible?
What is the meaning of the word 'Veracity'?
What is the meaning of the words 'Hyperdulia', 'Dulia', and 'Latria'?
What is the 'Name of GOD' as given by Him to Moses in Exodus?
What is the 'Olivet Discourse'?

What is the only command that the Blessed Virgin Mary ever gave in the Bible?
What is the 'pillar' and 'foundation' of truth?
What is the purpose of the Bible?
What is the 'Sacrifice of the Mass'?
What is the 'Saint Pius X Society'(SSPX)?
What is the 'Septuagint'?
What is the significance of GOD making name changes of Biblical characters?
What is the significance of John 1:1, and John 1:14, when taken together?
What is the significance of 'King Follett's Discourse'?
What is the significance of the number '666'?

What is the significance of the symbol of the 'fish' for early Christians?
What is the teaching of the Church regarding 'abortion'?
What is the 'Tetragrammaton'?
What is the 'Textus Receptus'?
What is the 'Vulgate'?
What is 'Transubstantiation'?
What is 'Truth'?
What is wrong with protestant teaching that 2Tim 3:16 'proves' Sola Scripura?
What is your favorite verse from Holy Scripture?
What language did Jesus speak? Is there Biblical evidence of this?

What language was the book of Matthew written in, and why is this important?
What material did GOD use to create the universe?
What one criminal action in their lives do Moses, David, and Paul share in common?
What profound statement can you make regarding Mary, if you combine Jn 1:1 and Jn 1:14?
What relationship to the Kings, were Old Testament Queens?
What Scripture was used by Abraham?
What Scripture was used by Christians in the first century?
What was in the 'Ark of the Covenant'?
What was the first teaching of Jesus Christ as He began preaching? Mt 4:17
What were the last words that Mary said in the Bible?
When and by whom were the deuterocanonicals removed from the Bible?

When did Jesus Christ establish His Church?
When did the Bible, New and Old Testament in one book, come into being?
When was Church 'Dogma' sealed?
When was the Catholic Church allowed to practice openly?
When was the Catholic Church founded? Bible verse please...
Where did the Bible come from?
Where does the word 'Christian' first appear in the Bible?
Where in Scripture did GOD first say He will send a redeemer?
Where in Scripture were the first priests ordained?
Where is Jesus Christ 'substantially present'? Name 2 places.

Where is the last place in the Bible where the mother of Jesus is mentioned?
Which Church is the true Church, that Jesus Christ founded in Mt 16:18?
Which of the persons of the Holy Trinity (if any) called Mary, the 'Mother of GOD'?
Which old heresy denied the divinity of Christ?
Which old heresy denied the humanity of Christ?
Who are the 'Apostolic Fathers of the Church'?
Who are the 'First Born' of GOD? Ex 4:22
Who are the 'Holy Innocents'? Who are they in our time?
Who asked the question, 'What is truth'?
Who came first, Jesus or Mary? (think carefully before answering this)

Who constructed the Ark of the Covenant?
Who convened the 'Council of Jamnia'? Christians? Jews? Romans? Gentiles?
Who died on the cross?
Who is considered to be the first Catholic apologist?
Who is the 'Bishop of Rome'?
Who is the first person in Scripture Gospels to call Jesus 'Son of GOD'?
Who is the first person in Scripture to call Mary 'Blessed'?
Who is the first Pope in the papal line who is not a saint?
Who is the 'Incarnate Word'?
Who is the 'mysterious person' mentioned in Mt 10:28?
Who is the 'New Ark of the Covenant'?
Who is the 'Rock'?

Who is the 'Woman' in the first book, and the last book of the Bible?
Who or what is 'The Body of Christ'?
Who or what is 'The Mystical body of Christ'?
Who or what is the 'Queen of Heaven' mentioned in Jeremiah 7 and 44?
Who resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead?
Who said, 'am I my brothers keeper'?
Who started 'Protestantism'?
Who thrust the spear through the side of Christ?
Who was ascending and descending 'Jacobs Ladder'?
Who was the first Christian martyr?

Who was the first person to call Jesus Christs Church, the Catholic Church?
Who was the first Pope to have a name change?
Who was the first protestant?
What was his/her vocation?
Who was the 'Good Thief'?
Who were the first to shed their blood for Christ? J1705
Who were the seven 'angels' of the Churches in Rev 2-3?
Who wrestled all night with GOD or an angel and won?
Who wrote the first five books of the O.T., and how do we know it?
Whose boat did Jesus Christ teach from?

Why are there so many scandals in the Church?
Why are you here in this life?
Why aren't women allowed to be priests?
Why did Jesus speak in parables?
Why did St Paul preach so often in synagogues on the Sabbath (Act 13:14,44)?
Why does there have to be a third place besides heaven and hell?
Why is St Ignatius of Antioch 'Letter to the Smyrneans' of such interest?
Why was Moses prevented from entering the promised land?
Why were Bibles not prolific before 1450?
Will you be saved knowing the Catholic Church is the 'One True Church', and you refuse to join it?

There are over 200 questions here. If you would like to add some that I might have missed,
please feel free to send them to me. Thanks...

Written by Bob Stanley, July 10, 1999

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