Prefigurements of Scripture...

Many Bible verses prefigure happenings which came later. Many times the later happening is in reverse of the first...

Gen 1:9........Land rises from the sea and brings life on the third day. Jesus rises on the third day and brings eternal life.
Gen 1:27.......Man in the image of GOD. Lk 2:7, GOD in the image of man.
Gen 2:8,3:6....Adam went to a garden and then to a tree. Jesus did the same.
Gen 2:9........Tree of life, GOD. Tree of knowledge of good and evil, satan.
Gen 2:9........Tree of life. Jn 1:4,15:5, Christ is the life and the vine.
Gen 2:21-22.....Bride of Adam. Jn 19:34, Bride of the second Adam, Christ. Both 'Brides' were formed from 'wounds' near the heart.
Gen 3:3........Tree that brought death, the cross-wood that brought life.
Gen 3:15.......Mary and her 'seed', the Savior.
Gen 3:22.......Take from the tree of life & live forever. Christ, Jn 1:4,15:5.

Gen 7:1-19.....Noah's Ark, no one outside it was saved, the Catholic Church.
Gen 12:21-29.....Blood of the lamb saves, blood of Christ, the Lamb, saves.
Gen 17:5......Name change Abram-Abraham. Mt 16:18, Simon-Peter, a sign of authority.
Gen 21:2.......Sarah, a barren woman, gave birth to Isaac. Mary, a virgin, gave birth to Jesus.
Gen 22:6-10.....Isaac carried wood on his back to his sacrifice. Jesus carried the cross on His back to His sacrifice..
Gen 22:13......The ram caught in the briar bush. Jesus crowned with thorns.
Ex 1:15-6...Pharaoh tried to kill Moses when he was a child. Herod tried to kill Jesus when Jesus was a child. Mt 2:16.
Ex 2:5.........Moses is saved by a handmaid and he later saves all of Israel. Jesus, born of a handmaid (Luke 1:38) saves the whole world.

Ex 12:3-22.....The Lamb is killed and its blood was shed, but that was not enough. It had to be eaten, vs 8. Jesus Christ, the Lamb, was killed, His Blood shed and his body is to be eaten in the Holy Eucharist, John 6:51-60.
Ex 16:13-15.....Manna from heaven, the Holy Eucharist.
Ex 16:33-34.....The Ark of the Covenant. Mary the new Ark of the Covenant.
Num 21:8-9.....Seraph on a pole. Christ on the cross.
Isa 22:20-22.....The presentation of the keys (a symbol of authority), to the 'Father (Pope means Papa or Father) of the Inhabitants of Jerusalem' (a symbol of the Church). Compare this verse with Matt 16:19, where Peter (the first Pope), only, is given the keys of authority.
Ez 34:23.......One shepherd only. Jn 10:16, Jesus Christ the one shepherd.
Jonah 2:1......Jonah in the fish 3 days. Mt 12:40, Christ in the tomb 3 days.
Mic 5:2........The Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem which means 'House of Bread'. He was laid in a manger, a feeding trough for animals.

Mt 4:18........Peters net for catching fish. Mk 1:16-17, net to catch men.
Mt 5:14........City set on a mountain cannot be hidden, the Catholic Church.
Mk 6:43........Fragments of bread gathered. Holy Eucharist fragments saved.
Lk 2:46........The child Jesus 'lost' for 3 days. Jesus 'lost' in the tomb.
Lk 5:2-3.......Jesus Christ boarded ONE of the boats, the 'Barque of Peter', the Catholic Church, and He teaches from Peter's 'boat', and none other. As Christ taught from the boat of St. Peter, so the Church teaches the Gospel to the world.

Lk 5:4-7.......Jesus commanded to lower the nets for a catch of fish. The 'catch' are the souls of men. When the Apostles labored without Christ, they were 'fruitless'. With Him, the 'catch' was great. In the other boat they caught nothing until they came to the aid of 'Peter's Barque'.
Jn 2:6-10......Jesus changed water into wine. Later He would change wine into His blood. Water makes grapes grow. Grapes make wine. Wine becomes the blood of Christ. Therefore, water is changed into His blood.
Jn 6:1-13......Loaves and fishes, Jn 6:30-70 the Holy Eucharist.
Jn 21:17.......Feed My sheep. Feed with the Liturgy and the Holy Eucharist.

Written by Bob Stanley, June 26, 1998

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