The True Meaning of New Age...


The 'New Age' movement very cleverly and subtly suggests that we exchange "obsolete" and "outmoded" tenets and beliefs of our Catholic-Christian faith for its own more "modern" and "relevant" spiritual principles and philosophies. This is exactly what St. Paul was referring to in his letter to the Romans when he stated: "For they exchanged the truth for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator." [Romans 1:25] For each of the following concepts or truths of our Christian faith, the New Age offers its own "new" and "enlightened" substitute [ie. lies]:

How New Ager's Exchange Time Honored Truths To Fit The Times ...

The Christian Way is: GREEN...         The New Age Way is: RED...

Monotheism, one GOD. GOD is personal, loving, and all powerful being.
Monism, all is one, all = GOD. GOD is impersonal energy force, pagan nature, and god's and goddesses.

Theology, study of GOD.
Theosophy, study of man as GOD.

The Goddess, mother earth.

We are GOD'S, we belong to GOD.
We are gods! Man = GOD.

GOD Centered.
Man (self) and creation centered.

Worship of our Creator by His creatures.
Worship of creation and creatures by man. Man = co-creator.

Lord Jesus, GOD'S light, life, and salvation..
Lord Maitrea, satan's darkness, death, and destruction.

Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one GOD.
Holy trio, me, myself, and I = GOD. Everyone = GOD.

Objective Truth, Biblical.
Subjective truth, experimental.

Sacred Scripture, revelation.
Sacred science, rationalism.

Childhood, unless you become like little children.
Godhood, you will be like GOD.

Orthodox Catholicism.
Modernism, secularism, humanism.

Christian asceticism.
Hedonism, materialism, theosophism.

Christian mysticism.
Eastern mysticism, occultism, pantheism, naturalism.

Universal Church, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox / Mystical Body of Christ.
Church Universal, pagan, occult, Eastern religions, / mystical body of satan.

Conscience, regarding good and evil.
Consciousness, of GOD / self.

Christian contemplation.
Transcendental meditation.

Original sin, man's fallen nature and his need for a Savior.
Original blessing, man's perfect nature, no need for a savior.

Repentance and reparation for personal sin against GOD and neighbor; good and evil.
Rebellion and rejection of GOD. No personal sin, just bad karma; no good and evil.

Crucifixes, power of the Cross of Jesus Christ, His Passion and Death.
Crystals, occult power from focus of "Divine energy"; the mystical "God force."

Reconciliation with GOD.
Recognition of our being GOD.

Beatific Vision.
Planetary vision.

World/global consecration to Jesus our Lord and Savior, and Mary our Queen and Mother.
World/global consciousness to the great universal mind, Lucifer: Prince of the world.

The Ascended Master, Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity; Our Lord and GOD.
The ascended masters, highly evolved spiritual beings / gods [ie. demonic entities / spirits.]

Jesus Christ, true GOD, and true Man; The GOD-MAN.
The Christ consciousness; Cosmic Christ; Christhood.

Knowing Jesus Christ, heart centered, converted hearts.
Knowing one's self, mind and intellect centered, enlightened minds.

Jesus, our Master and Friend.
Satan, master and fiend.

Christ Jesus, I am the Alpha and Omega.
Christ consciousness, the Omega Point.

Truth, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Myth, mythology of the gods; discover your own path.

Salvation of the soul, via Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.
Actualization of the self, via self realization of godhood.

Atonement, man's spiritual redemption through passion and death of Jesus Christ.
Attunement, man's spiritual evolution to godhood through enlightenment with the god force.

Surrender of the self to GOD through GOD's grace.
Evolution of the self to GOD through expanded consciousness.

Personal and world conversion of our hearts to GOD.
Personal and planetary transformation of ourselves into GOD.

New Heaven, and new earth.
New haven on earth, utopia.

Christian Baptism.
Luciferic initialization.

Higher power, something greater than self, ie. GOD.
Higher self, divine self, nothing greater than self.

Christian worship, liturgy, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Neo-pagan rituals, occultic practices, black masses.

Mother Mary, GOD's chosen human vessel / the Rosary.
Mother earth, Gaia the goddess, wicca (witchcraft).

Resurrection from the dead through the power of GOD.
Reincarnation, no death; our spiritual evolution to GOD.

Holiness, man called to a relationship with GOD.
Wholeness, holistic; all is interconnected and interdependent.

Revelation, what is right and wrong as revealed by GOD's Word, His law.
Reason, what is right and wrong is decided by man via moral relativism. No absolutes.

Prophesy, future foretold via GOD's chosen messengers.
Astrology, future foretold via forbidden occult practices.

Godly righteousness, reborn, receiving GOD's Holy Spirit into one's self.
Higher consciousness, rebirthing. Going into one's self, the source of all power.

Holy Spirit, good fruits, bringing joy, peace, and love from the tree of life.
Unholy spirits, forbidden fruit. Bringing death and destruction from the tree of knowledge.

Human nature, made in the image of GOD, now fallen.
Spiritual being, a sleeping god.

Knowledge, truth is revealed in the Bible through the Holy Spirit, and the Church.
Truth is within. Man is all things.

Reborn, receiving GOD's Holy Spirit into one's self.
Rebirthing, going into one's self, the source of all power.

Sin, rebellion against GOD, based on the revelation of GOD's will.
Ignorance of one's true potential. We are GOD.

Death, entrance to eternal Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.
Illusion, entrance into the next life.

Jesus Christ, GOD made Man, second person of the Holy Trinity, Lord and Savior.
A good teacher who has attained self realization, and enlightenment.

GOD's nature. GOD is personal, moral, and has attributes. GOD is creator, not creation.
GOD is impersonal, amoral, no attributes. All is spirit. We are GOD.

Written by Dave Hadly...

A note from Bob Stanley:
The only thing new about 'New Age' is the name itself. The concept goes all the way back to Adam and Eve: "For GOD knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like GOD, knowing good and evil." Gen 3:5

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