In Defense of The Blessed Virgin Mary

You are so beautiful, so humble, and you are the Mother of GOD...

Why is there so much controversy about Mary?

1. People will admit that she is the mother of Jesus Christ in His humanity, but could not be the mother of GOD.

2. They will say she could not have been immaculately conceived.

3. They will say she was not perpetually virgin and had other children.

4. They will say she could not have been assumed into Heaven body and soul.

Let us examine each one of these statements...

I. Is Mary the Mother of GOD?

II. Was Mary immaculately conceived?

III. Was Mary always a virgin? Did she have other children?

IV. Was Mary Assumed into Heaven, body and soul?

Written by Bob Stanley, January 1996
Updated June 17, 2004
Updated March 6, 2012

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