In Lieu of a Book...

I have received many requests to put this website into a book. I sense a frustation in having to download and save each page of this very large site.
It has taken me years and thousands of hours to put it all together and I certainly would not relish the time it would take to download it page by page either.
Putting it all into a book is a good idea. However the sticking point is my having the time to do it. I simply cannot do it for that reason among others.

However I have a great solution that was suggested by a dear new-found friend. He is a teacher and many of his students do not have a computer that is online in order to go and visit the site. He asked my permission to put the whole website onto a cd rom and pass a cd to each of his pupils.
I thought that was a great idea and wondered why I had not thought of it myself. Of course I gave him permission and he sent me a copy and it was just like visiting the site online but much faster than even DSL.

But what about downloading that whole website the first time and the hours it would take for one person to do it all?
Well wouldn't it make sense to delegate the downloads to several people, with each downloading a different section?
Yes, that would help, but I have a much better solution.
There are free programs available that will download an entire website into your computer.
One such is:
All you have to do is to download the version which best fits your computer and run it.
Then tell it the address of the website that you wish to download and tell it where to put it in your computer, preferably a new directory (folder).
Then just sit back and watch Httrack do all of the work. 
After that all you have to do is to write it out to a cd or dvd and make copies.

Advantage(s) of a book over a cd or dvd version:
1. No computer is needed, so you can read the book at anytime and in any place.

Advantages of a cd or dvd over a book version:
1. Cost. A blank cd would cost less than twenty cents. A book of the size needed for this website would cost several dollars.
2. A cd takes up much less space than a book.
3. A cd would be much easier to update compared to having to buy an updated book.
4. A cd or dvd will run exactly like the site runs online. You cannot jump from page to page easily (page flipping) from a book.
5. You can make as many copies as are needed for your students and friends.
    You cannot do this with a book. You would have to buy more books.
6. You can print out as many pages that are important to you, to take to Bible studies or pass out to friends.

If you wish, you can make an autorun cd where as soon as you load the cd the index.htm or main page will come right up,
so you would not have to open it manually.
In order to do this you will have to make two simple text files and add them to the cd.
Here is how to do it using a text editor or word processor:
For the first file write...

@echo Loading CD
@start index.htm

Label the first file autorun.bat and write it out to the cd rom.

For the second file write...


Label this second file autorun.inf and write it out to the cd rom.

If you have done this correctly, just by inserting your cd into the drive,
the first page (index.htm) should automatically come up.
If you do not wish to incorporate the autorun feature then simply insert the cd into the drive
and open the index.htm file with your browser.
Either way, the website will perform exactly as you see it online except that it will be much faster.

Compiled by Bob Stanley, March 31, 2010

"Have I then become your enemy, because I told you the truth?"
Galatians 4:16

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