If...??? Some Questions Go Unanswered in the Bible.

Maybe you can provide the answers to these questions.

If the Blessed Virgin Mary had other children by Joseph, as some claim...

Then why did NOT Jesus give His mother to one of them instead of to John, in John 19:27?
After all, Jewish law would have demanded it.

If the word 'until' means something happened AFTER that point as in Matthew 1:25, as some claim...

Then why does
NOT the Bible mention the births of these 'brothers' and 'sisters' of Christ?

Then why does the dictionary define the word 'until' as:
'up to the time of', or 'before a specified time', or '
UNTO'. Not once is it even implied that something happened after that 'specified time'. American Heritage Dictionary.

Then why does the Bible say in 2Samuel 6:23 that 'Michol had no child
UNTO the day of her death'? Is Scripture implying she had a child AFTER she died?
The same dictionary defines the word 'unto' as:
'to', 'Until', 'see until'.

If the word 'brethren' or 'brother' as used in Scripture only means 'blood brother', as some say...

Then why aren't the mother and the father of the 120 'brethren' in Acts 1:15, or the mother and father of the 500 'brethren' in 1Corinthians 15:6, ever mentioned?
Then why does Abram call Lot 'brethren' (KJ) in Genesis 13:8, when Lot clearly was his nephew in Genesis 11:27-28?
Then in Galatians 1:19, why did St. Paul call James the 'brother' of the Lord, when clearly the parents of James (the Less) were shown in Matthew 10:2-3, 27:56 and 61,28:1 and John 19:25, as being Cleophas (Alphaeus) and the 'other Mary'?
See 'Genealogy of the Brethren' for a clarifying map of the parents of James.

If you believe everything is in the Bible...

Then why can't these
words of Jesus Christ, be found anywhere in it?
Acts 20:35 says, "Remember the word of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, '
It is more blessed to give than to receive'".

Then why does St. John say everything is
NOT in the Bible? John 20:30,21:25
Then what is the purpose of John 16:13 where the Holy Spirit
WILL teach you all the truth?

If the Holy Eucharist is but a symbol and not the true presence of Jesus Christ as some say...

Then why in Matthew 26:26 did Jesus NOT say, 'Take and eat; this is A SYMBOL of My Body'?
After all Jesus IS the truth...right? (John 14:6)

If you believe in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity...

Then please tell me where the Holy Trinity, by word, is found in the Bible.

If the Bible is the foundation and the pillar of truth...

Then why does the Bible say in 1Timothy 3:15, 'the
CHURCH is the pillar and the foundation of truth'?

If the Bible is the supreme authority in Christendom...

Then why in Matthew 18:17, on the third and last appeal, did Jesus
NOT say, 'appeal to the BIBLE'?
Then why in Ephesians 3:10 does it say, "in order that through the
CHURCH there be made known to the Principalities and the Powers in the heavens the manifold wisdom of GOD", and not through the Bible?

If the Bible is meant to be interpreted on an individual basis...

Then why in 2Peter 1:20 does it say, 'This then you must understand first of all, that
NO Prophecy of Scripture is made by private interpretation'?

If faith is obtained by reading the Bible as some believe...

Then why in Romans 10:17 does it
NOT say. 'Faith then depends on READING the Word of Christ'?

If the Bible is self authenticating as some believe...

Then where in the Bible does it say that it is?

If the revelation of Jesus Christ ended with the death of the last Apostle...

Then where is this shown in the Bible? How do you know this to be true?

If you believe the books in the Bible ARE, in fact, the inspired Bible...

Then show me where in the Bible does it list the inspired books? If you cannot find such a list, then please tell me how you know you are using inspired books at all?
If you believe that ALL scripture is inspired, 2Timothy 3:16...

Then please explain to me why the Gospels of Peter and Thomas are not in your Bible?

Written by Bob Stanley, June 7, 1999
Updated February 16, 2001

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