Ask Your Guardian Angel!

'Send Me Your Guardian Angel', is a marvelous book about Saint Padre Pio's relationship with his Guardian Angel. Saint Pio would send his angel on errands and have him do all sorts of things that the good padre could not do easily himself.

I can assure you that each one of us has his or her very own Guardian Angel. When GOD created us He assigned a guardian angel to watch over us for our entire life. He helps to protect us from harm and he does everything he can to prevent us from sinning. I know, because my guardian angel, George, has saved my life at least three times. Two of those times were within one week.
I wont go into detail as to exactly what happened as that is not the purpose of this file. I told a friend about these remarkable events, not knowing how or why they turned out as they did, and she told me it was my guardian angel. She added, "If your guardian angel does something for you, you have to thank him."
Being rather skeptical about the whole thing I asked, "how do I thank my guardian angel?"
She replied, "You call him by name and thank him."
"Okay," I replied, "but how do I know what his name is?"
She replied, "Just ask him and he will tell you."
I replied, "what if he doesn't answer me?"
She said, "He will. It will be the first name that pops into your mind."
Well not believing any of this, I waited until I was alone and then asked, "OK guardian angel, what is your name?"
Guess answer!
But..., the face of my dear departed uncle popped in my mind clear as a crystal. I thought, 'why did the face of my uncle George appear in my mind immediately upon my asking that question'? I did not connect it, as I was waiting for a spoken word which did not come, and not a mental image, and so I told no one and I promptly forgot about it.

Several months later, there was a Marian conference in a city nearby, which I attended. I met a lady there who had the apparent ability of being able to converse with her guardian angel. She would ask her guardian angel to supply her with the names of guardian angels of other people and he would tell her, regardless of who or where they were. With much skepticism and timidity, I conjured up enough nerve to ask her the name of my guardian angel. She went silent for a few seconds and replied, "He will not answer me right now, but he will."
About 1/2 hour later, in the middle of a conference speaker's oration, she blurted out to me, "George, your angels name is George. My angel just informed me."

Needless to say, the name 'George' did not register with me until a few moments later when I recalled seeing the face of my uncle George many months earlier. Needless to say, I almost went into shock, and I suddenly became an avid believer in guardian angels.
Looking back to those three life threatening incidents, and by reconstructing exactly what happened, I can truly say that George had a lot to do with saving my life in each case.

I will say this much about one of those incidents. A male voice told me three times to move, and the last time very forcefully. Ten seconds later, I would have had it, had I not moved. There was no other living human being within hundreds of feet to utter those words to me, and the words I heard were soft and clear, not like someone yelling at a distance.
Since that all began in the late 1980's, there have been many other non life threatening incidents, in which I know 'George' had a hand in the affair.

My sole purpose in writing this file is to attest that, yes we all do have a guardian angel. We should be aware of his presence and realize that they (some people have more than one) are here to help us. We should call on them in time of need. GOD willing, they will comfort and protect us.
And by all means, thank him.

Thank you, George, thank you...
Thank you dear GOD for giving me my guardian angel...

Written by Bob Stanley, March 4, 1998
Updated March 23, 2003

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