God Exists!
A Few Observations to Ponder...

GOD exists, because of creation, miracles, and fulfilled prophesies. He is recognized through the things He has made: Psa 19:1, Wis 13:1-5, Sir 42:15-25, Rom 1:19-20. Ponder the following observations...

The sun is just the right type of star to harbor life giving planets.

The earth is the right distance from the sun. A little farther out and we would freeze and a little closer in and we would boil.

The earth has an optimal rotational period for more even heat distribution. If it were any longer or shorter, we would either overheat or freeze. Also this fact is critical for atmospheric circulation, any faster and we would have too strong of winds and any slower, we would stagnate.

The earth has an optimum tilt on its axis so the northern and southern hemispheres have a more even temperature distribution.

The earth takes just the right amount of time to orbit the sun. That combined with the tilt, generates the seasons, so plants can grow to feed the inhabitants.

The earth has just the right density atmosphere to protect its inhabitants from meteorites and asteroids, and yet allow air flight.

The atmosphere has just the right chemical balance to support life and to shield it from the harmful  rays of the sun.

The earth has an abundance of volcanoes and plant life to maintain the chemical balance of the atmosphere.

The earth has an abundance of both salt and fresh water, essential to the support of life in the sea and on land.

The earth has a temperature average that keeps the water liquid, which is crucial to life forms.

The moon is just the right size to create tides that aren't too great to flood wide areas, nor too small to clean the inlets and bays every day.

The earth has an amazing food chain - all life is provided for.

The earth has an iron core that creates a magnetic field so we can find our way around the planet.

This magnetic field also protects us from the violent solar winds and high energy outbursts from the sun.

The earth has mountains to hold the snows and store the water for irrigation in the spring when plants grow.

The earth has an abundance of minerals to satisfy all our needs.

Now do you really think all of this was by accident, or was it by design?

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