Flowcharts are great tools for Evangelization...

The Catholic Church is the True Church Presented here are four different methods to prove it.

The First 100 years Of the Catholic Church.

The Apostles What happened to them and where their remains are today.

The Law of First Mention One of the basic rules of Biblical exegesis.

The Triple Birth of Christ Did Jesus always exist?

The Holy Spirit The Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

When Heaven is Joined with Earth In the Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Mother of GOD How could the Blessed Virgin Mary be the Mother of GOD who created her?

The Woman of Revelation 12:1 Who is she?

Typology The New Testament lies hidden in the Old.

Anabolism and Catabolism For day # 1 of the Class.

A Person and Nature study For day # 1 of the Class.

The Person of Jesus Christ For day #1 of the Class.

Written by Bob Stanley on September 30, 2004
Updated October 23, 2004

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