The Miracle of EWTN / WEWN...

The Eternal Word Television and Radio Network.

"Day to day pours forth this Word, night to night sends out this knowledge.
There is no speech and no utterance whose sound may not be heard:
into all the earth their sound goes forth, and unto the ends of the world their tidings."
Psalms 19:3-5.

Prophesied over 2500 years ago, and today a reality.

"But I say: Have not they heard? Yes, indeed, Their voice has gone
forth into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world."
Romans 10:18

Started in 1981 by Mother Angelica with only a few hundred dollars,
And with no knowledge of how to do it.
Now it is a worldwide radio and television network, and with
the shortwave radio division, there is hardly anyplace on earth on which
the Eternal Word cannot be heard.

A True Modern Day Miracle...

A Prophecy Fulfilled In Our Lifetime...

EWTN On The Internet...

Written by Bob Stanley, August 22, 1998

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