Is the Catholic Church a Denomination?
Many misinformed non-Catholics have told me that it is one.

Let us set this misconception straight once and for all and with the truth:

A denomination is something that we mortals help to create by joining it.
The Catholic Church is not a denomination because it is a divinely
instituted community. There is not much in a denomination that is secure
from change. It is constantly being revised by its members. It has no
unchangeable form as is commanded of the Catholic Church by Jesus Christ.
A denomination changes with the trends of the age, and many times simply by
a vote of its members. In other words, a denomination changes when opinions
change. One example is of the Anglican Lambeth conference of 1930 when it
was decided to allow contraception. Prior to that year, all denominations
taught as the Catholic Church did on that subject. After that date, then
one by one, other denominations decided to change and accepted
contraception, and they did it not because GOD wanted them to, but from
secular pressure. A denomination has fluid boundaries that change with the
times. The Catholic Church has fixed boundaries on the matters of faith and
morals and so it does not change, simply because GOD does not change.

The Origin of the word Denomination in a religious sense:
"Denomination: (n.) Look up denomination at
late 14c., "a naming, act of giving a name to," from Old French denominacion "nominating, naming," from Latin denominationem (nominative denominatio) "a calling by anything other than the proper name, metonymy," from denominare "to name," from de- "completely" (see de-) + nominare "to name" (see nominate). Meaning "a class" is from mid-15c. Monetary sense is 1650s; meaning "religious sect" is 1716."

Notice that the word was originated in a religious sense in 1716. By that date the Protestant revolt from the Catholic Church led by Martin Luther in 1520 had already split within itself into at least twelve pieces. A word had to be found to distinguish one split sect from another and that word was Denomination.

December 26, 2015

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