Out of Kontext = Out of Kilter...

Bible Christians teach that the Bible is all that is needed as it, 'makes the man of GOD perfect, equipped for every good work'. 2Tim 3:17
They also teach that proper interpretation of the Bible is essential, yet each does his own private interpretation.

They also teach one of the basic rules of Bible interpretation...
"Thou shalt not take Holy Scripture out of context."

This is what they 'say', but it is not what they 'do', especially when they wish to attack the Catholic Church.
Then, there is no such word in their vocabulary as "context".

Points in question:

1. 2 Tim 3:16-17 ONLY is what they point to to try and prove their false 'Bible Only' doctrine called Sola Scriptura.
 See 'For Whom the Bell Tolls
' on this website. This file puts these verses IN context. When taken in context, the meaning is just the opposite of what Bible Christians teach.

2. 1Tim 2:5 ONLY is quoted by non-Catholic Bible Christians to 'prove' that they go to Jesus Alone and there is no need whatsoever for another 'mediator' as this one verse indicates.
See 'There is Only One Mediator
'. It puts the out of context verse, used by Bible Christians, back into context and there again the true meaning of this verse is quite different from what they claim it is.

3. Mark 6:3 ONLY is quoted by Bible Christians to 'prove' that the Blessed Virgin Mary had other children. Not only do they take it out of context, but they also ignore another rule of the Bible, "Thou shalt interpret Holy Scripture with the meaning of the words used THEN and not the meaning of the words NOW."
See 'Genealogy of the Brethren
'. This file puts that one verse in context and shows who the real parents of the 'brothers' and 'sisters' of Jesus Christ were, and it is all right from Scripture. Also see 'Mary's Perpetual Virginity' for more on this subject.

4. Matt 11:11 ONLY is quoted to try and deliberately downgrade the Blessed Virgin Mary. If the accusers would only put this verse in context by reading from Matt 11:7-15, they would clearly see that Jesus was not talking about His Mother at all, but about the prophets.

5. Matt 23:9 ONLY is quoted to 'prove' that Catholics violate this explicit verse because they call a priest 'Father'. Once again, this one verse is taken out of context. When put in context and when not ignoring other teachings of the Bible regarding 'Father', the meaning of this one verse is quite different.
See 'Call No Man Your Father
'. It puts that one verse in context, and again, the meaning is quite different from what Bible Christians charge.

6. Ex 20:4 ONLY is quoted to 'prove' Catholics worship statues. Once again, this verse is taken out of the context of the whole. When put in proper context, the meaning AGAIN is not what Bible Christians claim it to be.
See 'Those Catholics Worship Idols
'. It puts Ex 20:4 in context and once again, the meaning is not what Bible Christians say it means.

7. Matt 6:7 ONLY is quoted to 'prove' Catholics practice repetitious prayers, such as the Rosary. This is yet another example of taking one verse out of context and ignoring the context of the Bible.
See, 'Why Pray to Blessed Mary
' for the true meaning of Matt 6:7.

8. Acts 15:13 ONLY is quoted to 'prove' that the primacy of the Apostles was given to James and not to Peter. This argument is so weak, it is non-existent. Literally scores of Bible verses attest to the fact that Peter indeed was given primacy, and he was given this honor by GOD Himself. Here are many more verses ignored by non-Catholic Bible Christians.
See 'The Primacy of Peter
'. That link is like swatting a false charge 'fly' with an 'elephant'.

Other non-Catholic Bible Christian charges answered on this website...

1. Peter was never in Rome. Oh No? Read this, '
Peter in Rome'.
2. The Catholic Church was never given authority. Wrong again! See '
Who Has The Authority?'
3. The Catholic Church is not the true Church. Wrong still! See 'Catholic
', and many others in the Church category'.
4. There is no record of Popes back to St. Peter. Then what is this? See '
Popes, The unbroken Line'.
5. Mary was not Immaculately Conceived. Sorry, but she was, see '
Immaculate Conception'.
6. We should not honor Mary. Why not? See many files under 'Blessed Virgin Mary's Corner'.
7. Purgatory does not exist. You will believe that it does when you get there. See '
8. There is no true presence. It is only a symbol. Oh Yeah? See '
John Chapter 6' and my challenges.
9. Catholics added 7 books to the Bible. Another false charge. See '
The Deuters'.

Words of Wisdom!
"A text without a context is simply only a pretext!"

Written by Bob Stanley, February 1, 1999
Updated March 10, 2007

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