The "Brothers and Sisters" of Jesus Christ...

If you have not read the first of my files in this 2 part series, "Genealogy of the Brethren", please do so now before continuing with this one.

Some insist the Mother of GOD had children other than Jesus Christ, because of the use of the words "Brethren, Brothers, and Sisters", in several verses such as, Matthew 13:55-56 and Mark 6:3.
I have discussed who the real parents of the "brethren" are in "Genealogy of the Brethren" the first part of this series. In this writing, I will show the fallacy of the charges made against the Blessed Virgin Mary by those who tend to downgrade her, and who even resort to calumny and judgment of GOD's masterpiece.

The charge:
"Mary obviously had 'other children' because the Bible says Jesus had 'brothers and sisters'."
Let us look at the charge itself, as it has no merit whatsoever from the very beginning...
The word "brothers" and "sisters", as used in the context of the detractors, means a sibling of the same parents. Let us use reasoning and common sense on this issue.

1. The "brothers" of Jesus Christ would obviously have to have the same parents as He.

2. The parents of Jesus Christ are the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit.

3. Children receive their nature from their father.

4. Therefore, Jesus Christ has a divine nature from the Holy Spirit. That makes Him a divine person.

5. If Jesus Christ had brothers and sisters, then their natures would be the same as His.

6. Therefore, all "brothers and sisters" of Jesus Christ would be divine as He is, thus giving us multiple god's. Not only that, it would give us goddesses, or female god's as well.

7. The statement, "Jesus Christ has brothers and sisters" is obviously ambiguous and is an incorrect usage of the English language.

8. The false charge that "Mary had other children" assumes that the father of the siblings is
Saint Joseph.

9. If Saint Joseph is the father of the "brothers and sisters", then using rule #3 above, would show that the siblings are of his human nature and are not divine.

10. The "other children" of Saint Joseph and Mary, however, would be "half brothers and half sisters" to Jesus Christ, and not "brothers and sisters" as the accusers charge.

11. However, the Bible does not say, Jesus Christ had "half brothers and half sisters" either does it? In fact, it really does not say that Jesus Christ had any brothers or sisters at all.

For those who believe that Jesus Christ had "brothers and sisters", I encourage you to answer the following questions...

1. This would be a monumental revelation for the creator of the universe to have siblings. Just think if YOU were a brother or sister of Jesus Christ. Wouldn't you feel slighted if you were not mentioned in Holy Scripture?

2. What are their names? Why are they not more prominent in Scripture?

3. When were they born? Where were they born? When did they die? If they are divine, could they even die?

4. Why did Jesus Christ give His mother to Saint John in John 19:27?

5. Why did He not give her to one of His "siblings"? As I explained in the "Genealogy of the Brethren", Jewish law would have demanded it.

6. How can GOD have siblings?

7. Why are not the "siblings" of Jesus Christ mentioned in the writings of the Church Fathers?

8. The question of the "brothers and sisters" of Jesus Christ did not rise to prominence until Protestantism began in the 16th century. How do you explain this fact?

9. Why do you interpret the meaning of the word "brethren" as you do, in today's English, instead of determining the meaning of it in the language of the time of writing? After all, that is one of the basic rules of Bible interpretation, is it not? Also, since you insist on using the definition of brothers and sisters in today's English, why do you not use the correct terminology of "half brothers and half sisters" when you make your false charges?

10. Based on such flimsy evidence as you have, what is your real reason for slighting the Mother of GOD? Aren't you judging her? Aren't you calumnizing her?

11. Don't you realize that by making the false accusation that the Mother of GOD had other children that you are insulting the Holy Family as well as the Holy Trinity?

12. If someone deliberately spread gossip about your very own mother that simply was not true, how would you feel? What would you do? How would Jesus Christ feel? What will He do?

"Let no one presume to hope for the mercy of GOD, who dares to slight or offend GOD's mother."
St Louis de Montfort

Written by Bob Stanley, December 15, 1999
Updated November 11, 2001

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