Atheists and Agnostics and Fire Insurance...
Fire Insurance???

"The fool has said in his heart: there is no GOD."
Psalms 14:1

See? According to Holy Scripture, fools have been around for thousands of years. The Bible, of course in which fools do not believe, even has a verse about fools.
Is April 1, your day of celebration, your holiday? You know that April 1st is April fools day, so it does fit nicely to Psalms 14:1, does it not?
Just what is the difference between an atheist and an agnostic?
Well, the short answer is:
An atheist denies while an agnostic doubts.

This page is addressed to both groups, since their beliefs (or disbeliefs) are similar. 
I am neither. I am a believer, but I will point out the grave error of the ways of both groups.

If you own or are buying a home, do you carry fire insurance? If you have a mortgage, your mortgage lender requires that you do.
Why do you suppose that they require it? It is to protect their investment in case of a tragedy of a fire which destroyed the home.
What if you had a million dollar home and no insurance and it burned to the ground and with it all of your possessions and maybe years of your hard work? A million dollars worth of insurance for the home plus contents would ease the pain somewhat, would it not?

Believing that there is a GOD is like having insurance for your immortal soul.

What if a believer died and found that GOD did not exist? What has he lost?
All that he lost was the time that he spent on earth in practicing his religion.

What if a non-believer died and found that GOD does indeed exist?
But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven."
Matthew 10:33
But of course atheists and agnostics do not believe in the Bible either, for if they did, their beliefs would be considered an oxymoron.
So in this case where GOD does indeed exist, then what would be the fate of those who denied Him? 
Well that is an easy one because the Bible would be true also, and their fate is spelled out in Matthew 10:33.

Can either an atheist or agnostic grasp the meaning of eternity? Eternity means forever and ever and ever, with no end in sight.

"Woe to them that are fainthearted, who believe not God: and therefore they shall not be protected by him."
Sirach 2:15 

Written by Bob Stanley, May 1, 2008, May Day, and the eleventh anniversary of the beginning of this website. 
Updated April 13, 2010

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