Angels, A Short Course...

Angelology: the study of Angels.

What are Angels?
Do Angels really exist?

A. In the beginning: GOD created... (GEN 1:1 to 2:25)
    1. The Spiritual World:
            It has...
        a. GOD (uncreated).
        b. Angels. (PS 148:2,5)
        c. The devil/demons. (created as Angels)
        d. Human spirits.
    2. The Material World:
            It has...
        a. Chemicals, minerals.
        b. Plants.
        c. Animals.
        d. Humans.

B. Spirit: Definition... *TB 12-15, 75-76
    1. Spirit has no parts and occupies no space. It is immortal and cannot die, because the
        power of GOD holds everything in existence. (HEB 1:3)
    2. Having no parts, nothing can be taken from it, as there is nothing in it but its whole self.
    3. Spirit can't change from what it is. It can never become anything else.
    4. Deprived of GOD, an evil spirit knows eternal torment, (LK 20:36).

C. Angels, the first created spirits: *CCC 328-336,350-352, PS 148:2,5
    1. The word 'Angel', from the Greek 'aggelos', means messenger.
    2. They are pure spirit (HEB 1:14), and are non-corporeal (no body), have no race, and
        no gender (MT 22:30). They are personal, have emotions (LK 15:10), and are
        immortal creatures (LK 20:36). Each is created, individually by GOD and is not
        procreated as is man. *CCC 330, *TB78
    3. Angels have wisdom (2SAM 14:17,20), great power (PS 103:20), and free will. They
        are holy (MT 25:31), obedient (PS 103:20), and innumerable (HEB 12:22). Since they
        have no parents, they are not related to one another as humans are. *CCC 311,
        *TB15, *TS169
    4. The devil (Lucifer) and the demons, were created as Angels. Everything GOD created
        was good (GEN 1:31). Lucifer, and one third of the Angels, used their free will to defy
        GOD and were expelled from Heaven. The root of their sin was pride.
        *CCC 391-395,414, JOB 4:18, *ISA 14:12-15, MT 25:41, 2PET 2:4, JUDE 1:6,
        REV 12:4-9.
    5. Angels were judged individually. Man was judged as a race. When Adam and Eve
        sinned, the human race suffered original sin. Eve ate the apple and we got the stomach
        ache. *TB78, *TS183,189.
    6. The Angels' choice was final. They were not given another chance as were humans. *TB76 
D. The Hierarchy of Angels:
    1. Angels being spirits, manifest themselves in forms humans can relate to. This might explain
        the many physical descriptions of them found in the Bible. (ISA 6:2, EZ 10:1-22,
        REV 4:6-8)
    2. They are in 9 ranks called 'Choirs', which differ in perfection of nature and grace. (*TS 157)
    3. Choirs are in 3 groups according to their intellectual perfection and nearness to GOD.
        From the highest to the lowest in rank they are...

    4. SERAPHIM: Called 'Love Angels'. Each has three pair of wings, and many eyes,
        (REV 4:6-9). With two wings he covers his face, with two he covers his feet, and with
        two he flies, (ISA 6:2-6). His face is like lightning. They are never used as
        messengers because their appearance would frighten humans, (St. Birgitta of Sweden).
        They minister to the Heavenly sanctuary. (*AP p183-187)
    5. CHERUBIM/CHERUBS, (PS 18:10, EZ 9:3, NEH 7:61) are throne bearers and
        custodians of sacred places. They have many eyes (EZ 10:12), four faces, and four
        wings (EZ 1:6,10, 10:14), and do not turn their heads as they go
        (EZ 1:9,12,17, 10:11). They are large, (1KNG 6:23-28). They were put in Eden with
        the 'Flaming Sword' to 'keep the way of the tree of life' (GEN 3:24). They are depicted
        on the top of the 'Ark Of The Covenant' (EX 25:18-22, EX 37:7-9). NM 7:89,
        1KNG 6:23-35, 2KNG 19:15, 2CHR 3:7-14, EZ 1:1-28, 10:1-22, HEB 9:5.
        (NAB dictionary)
    6. THRONES: (COL 1:16) Are pure humility, and dispense GODS' justice and power to
        the Angelic court. Lower choirs depend on Thrones for access to GOD. (*AP p191-193)

    7. DOMINIONS/DOMINATIONS: Having royal robes, filled with wisdom, endowed
        with leadership, and crowned for authority, govern the cosmos. (DAN 7:27,
        EPH 1:21, COL 1:16, *TS156-157).
    8. POWERS: Holding swords, are warriors and defenders of the cosmos. They are in
        conquest of evil spirits, of which, from this choir, many came (Eph 6:11-12),
        (*AP p200-201). MT 24:29, MK 13:25, LK 21:26, ROM 8:38, EPH 1:21,3:10,
        COL 1:16, 2:10,15, TIT 3:1, 1PET 3:22.
    9. VIRTUES: Have 2 eyes (PCD p19), are charged with dispensing celestial miracles. They
        are 'Spirits of Motion', and control the elements, and all of nature. *AP 203-204,
        LK 6:19, 8:46. 
    10. PRINCIPALITIES: Called Princes, carry scepters to assist in their direction of
        GODS' commands. They are administrators, responsible for every nation, city,
        province, town and village. The Angel of Persia (DAN 10:13), and Greece (DAN 10:20)
        are examples. Some of the fallen angels came from this choir, Eph 6:11-12: JER13:18,
        ROM 8:38, COL 1:16, 2:10,15, EPH 1:21, 3:10, TIT 3:1, *TS 156.
    11. ARCHANGELS: Messengers of GOD sent on assignments of greater
        importance (1THESS 4:16, JUDE 1:9).
            a. St. Michael, Captain of the Heavenly Host, has a combative role, opposing the
                forces of evil. DAN 10,13-21, 12:1, the devil JUDE 1:9, the dragon REV 12:7-8.
            b. St. Gabriel announces the coming of the Lord (DAN 8:15-26, 9:21-27), to
                Mary (LUKE 1:26-38). He will probably announce the second coming (1THES 4:16).
            c. St. Raphael has healing qualities. He healed the blind Tobit. TOB 3:35, 5:17, 6:16,
                9:6, 11:4,7, 12:15.
    12. ANGELS: Always waiting for us to ask them for help. Some are Guardian Angels.
        Every human being has a Guardian Angel who was assigned to him/her at the moment
        of conception and he stays with him until the moment of death. GEN 16:7,9,10-11,
        ZECH 12:8, MT 1:20,24, *MT 18:10, ACTS 12:15,23, CCC 336.

E. The function of Angels: *TS155
    1. To glorify GOD. PS 97:3
    2. To implement His will. PS 103:20
    3. To operate the laws by which GOD rules the universe. *TS156
    4. To intervene in the affairs of men as GOD chooses. *TS156, 1PET 1:12.

F. Angels in the Bible: They are mentioned over 280 times throughout the Bible, both as good
        and demonic...
    1. As the serpent in Eden (GEN 3:1-15).
    2. They guarded the entrance to Eden (GEN 3:24).
    3. They came to Abraham and Sarah and promised them a son (GEN 18:1-14).
    4. They destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (GEN 19:1-25).
    5. One brought food to Daniel in the lions den. (DAN 14:33-39, not in KJ).
    6. St. Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary (LK 1:26-38).
    7. One told Joseph to take the child and His Mother to Egypt (MT 2:13-14).
    8. They aided Jesus and His disciples (MT 4:11, LK 22:43, ACTS 5:19, 12:7).
    9. One appeared to Mary Magdalen at the sepulcher (JN 20:12-13).
    10. They appeared to the Apostles (ACTS 1:10-11).
    11. To St. Paul (ACTS 27:23-24).
    12. They require supervision and are judged (1COR 6:3, 2PET 2:4).
    13. GOD is sometimes reluctant to trust them (JOB 4:18).
    14. They can be false teachers: Gal 1:8
    15. They sometimes appear as humans (GEN 19:1-25, HAG 1:13, MAL 2:7).
    16. They bring GODS' messages to man (MT 1:20, LK 1:11,26,2:9, ACTS 8:26).

G. Angels in our lives:
    1. An Angel awakened St. Catherine Laboure' on July 18, 1830 and told her the
        'Blessed Virgin Mary' was waiting for her in the Chapel.
    2. At Fatima, in 1916, the 'Angel Of Peace' appeared three times to the three visionaries
        before the 'Blessed Virgin Mary' appeared in 1917.
    3. Padre Pio is said to have sent his Guardian Angel on errands. Read: 'Send Me
        Your Guardian Angel'.
    4. Many people are reported to have had encounters with Angels.
    5. Angels have the ability to talk to Guardian Angels of any person instantly, even if that
        person is thousands of miles away.

H. Angelic notes:
    1. One Angel can destroy all the evil on earth by calling on all choirs.
    2. Guardian Angels can be from any choir. The holier the person, the higher the choir.
        *AP p99-100,182
    3. Angels of higher choirs delegate power to those of lower choirs.
    4. Angelic choirs differ in power, responsibility, authority, features, appearance, and size of
        the Angels.
    5. St. Gregory believed each human spirit would join one of the choirs.
    6. Each Angel is a unique creation, there are no two alike.
    7. Angels manifest themselves as male (GEN 19:1-13), or female (ZECH 5:9). They have
        no gender since they are Spirit.

I. Are Angels real?:
    1. The Bible has over 280 references to them.
    2. The Church teaches they are real. *CCC 328
    3. Science cannot prove, nor disprove their existence.
    4. The number of persons reporting 'Angelic' intercession, and encounters has
        increased dramatically in recent years. This gives rise to circumstantial evidence that
        Angels do indeed exist. 
J. Bibliography...
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End of Course, Angels...


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